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The HYDE® MudGun
A Breakthrough
in Drywall Finishing


The HYDE® MudGun is the first engineered system that makes drywall jobs fast and easy for virtually anyone to accomplish. For professionals, the MudGun offers improved efficiency and minimizes the need for sanding. For less experienced users, it provides a neater and less intimidating process, and promotes a more consistent, professional finish.

At the heart of the MudGun system is a gun/applicator that you load with drywall compound for fast and effective application. Interchangeable heads attach to the front of the gun, each designed to handle a specific task. Included are two embedding nozzles – one for corners and one for flat surfaces – that apply the right amount of compound for embedding drywall tape; and a finishing head for finishing and feathering the taped surfaces. The finishing head has a slide adjustment and adjustable crown/contour that customizes mud delivery for different situations.

MudGun Pro

The MudGun is available in two models:

The MudGun Pro lets you load the gun directly from an 18-liter bucket, providing a fast, effective way to tape and finish full rooms. Contents include everything needed to accomplish drywall taping and finishing, including the MudGun applicator; flat and corner embedding nozzles; a finishing head with adjustable contour; a loading ring for loading compound from buckets, a tool-cleaning brush, a complete instruction booklet and a working guide to professional full-room taping.

MudGun Small Repairs Kit

The MudGun Small Repairs uses another breakthrough product – preloaded MudPaks. MudPaks are casings of premixed drywall compound that slip neatly into the gun for fast and mess-free application. This model is especially helpful for small repairs by painters, plumbers, remodelers and DIY users. Prepackaged MudPaks are not only neater – they also eliminate the need for opening a full bucket of compound just to complete a small wall repair job. This kit contains the MudGun applicator, two embedding nozzles, the adjustable finishing head, a 6-inch putty knife, a corner tool, a complete instruction booklet and a full-room guide that presents a professional approach to full-room taping.

Available separately is a conversion kit that turns a MudGun Small Repairs into a MudGun Pro. MudPaks are also sold separately.

The Mudgun was developed in Canada by Ingersoll Products, Inc. of Ingersoll, Ontario. "These products really fill a gap," notes Ingersoll president Dan McKenzie. "Drywall has always been time-consuming for pros and especially problematic for do-ityourselfers. The MudGun makes drywall jobs faster and cleaner for anyone, regardless of experience. Even DIY users can achieve a consistent, professional finish."

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MudGun Instructions

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